This application will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. We recommend that you review the questions and requested information prior to completing the form. All required information must be completed for application submission.

  • Marital Status*
  • Were you referred by anyone?*

  • 1. Have you ever been convicted of, found guilty of, plead guilty to, or admitted guilt of a crime?

    • • Answer NO for annulled, expunged or sealed records, and any youth offender and minor traffic offenses
    • • In California only, DO NOT answer YES if your conviction (felony or misdemeanor) involved insubstantial marijuana or is more than 2 years old.
    • • DO NOT disclose convictions which occurred more than 7 years ago (5 years ago in Massachusetts; with respect to Massachusetts, do not disclose misdemeanor convictions related to drunkenness, simple assault, speeding, affray, or disturbance of the peace).
    • • The existence of a criminal record will not automatically disqualify you from becoming an Authorized BM Dealer, but will be considered as part of an overall evaluation of your qualifications.

  • 2. Has any judgment ever been entered against you, your company, or your employer where you were one of the litigants?

  • 3. Are you involved in pending litigation?

  • 4. Have you or your spouse or any company in which you have been a principal ever declared bankruptcy?